Splash Beneath the Petals at Wolcott Park

May 24, 2016 | trioonline

Wolcott Park used to be a family farm, so its stretch of land has been a part of Hartford for many years. Today, the park is no longer a farm, but it's named for the family who owned it lexapro anxiety.

Now when the summer sun warms up Hartford in June, families and little ones begin to flock to Wolcott Park. It's the perfect place to cool down, since towering, twisting flowers spray water on kids as they run and play in the Splash Park. Just next door, there's a traditional playground that also brings Hartford residents out of the air conditioning. A trio of castle turrets wave their flags over slides and a tunnel—plenty of space for kids to crawl and play.

If you follow one of the short nature trails, you'll probably end up at a small pond. According to guests, it's a nice place to fish or simply sit for a while and observed wildlife. If you prefer a more active afternoon, however, the park also plays host to six tennis courts, two basketball courts, a soccer field, and a baseball field.

Wolcott Park
New Britain Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06110
(860) 361-3116

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